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5.Non-infectious meningitis

As described above, meningitis is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or other infectious agents. However, rarely meningitis can also be caused by inflammation , chemical irritation or by infiltration of malignant cells.

inflammation Meningitis Causes Risk Factors

Pathogens (or germs) that cause meningitis penetrate the central nervous system structures through three possible routes: by traveling through the bloodstream, by by proliferating near the meninges following an infection, or by direct contact.

Is bacterial meningitis contagious? Yes!

The bacteria that cause meningitis can be transmitted from person-to-person through droplets of respiratory or throat secretions, which happens most often from close contact. Transmission can happen within about two to four days due to kissing someone who is infected or from sneezing, coughing, living in close quarters, sharing eating or drinking utensils, or intercourse. What’s surprising is that experts believe up to 20 percent of the population carries Neisseria meningitidis in their throat at any given time, but the bacteria don’t normally cause infection in most cases.

Risk factors for developing meningitis include: ()

Risk factors for developing meningitis include: sarcoidosis diabetes Conventional Treatments forMeningitis

Treatment for meningitis will depend on the type that someone has (the specific pathogen causing the infection).

Treatment Approaches:

The most common way that meningitis is treated is using intravenous antibiotics (for bacterial meningitis) and/or broad spectrum antibiotics. Depending on the meningitis symptoms that a patient is experiencing, other treatments may also be needed to control shock, swelling of the brain, convulsions, infected sinuses and dehydration. Sometimes surgery is needed to relieve brain-inflamed membranes and reduce swelling/pressure surrounding the brain.

Antibiotics do not work to treat bacterial meningitis. Most viral cases are mild and will resolve without treatment within several weeks (much like the flu). During this time it’s recommended that the patient gets lots of rest (even bed rest), avoids close contact with others and takes over-the-counter pain medications to reduce muscle aches and pains. Additionally, sometimes antiviral medications are used to help speed up the healing process.

A Word about Meningitis Vaccines:

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Manage Meningitis Symptoms

1. Protect Children Who Are Most Susceptible

Bacterial meningitis is usually a “disease of children” and acquired from an adult carrier, most often from someone in the child’s immediate family. If a child is sick, they should always be kept home from day care or school. And if you’re a parent who is sick you should be careful to get medical attention and avoid close contact with your child before you have been cleared by a doctor.

To evaluate the genetic relatedness between W1481 and the other Fusobacterium genomes the average nucleotide identity (ANI) ( Konstantinidis and Tiedje 2005 ) was calculated based on the method proposed by Goris et al. (2007) . Two-way BLAST was chosen and only forward and reversed-matched orthologs were used in the calculations. For the robustness, the BLAST match have been set at least 50% identity at the nucleotide and amino acid level and a sequence coverage of at least 70%.

The calculation of average amino acid identity (AAI) was performed by the method as described by Konstantinidis and Tiedje (2005) . The RAST annotated protein-coding sequences of the W1481 genome was used as the reference for comparison against other Fusobacterium genomes (also annotated using RAST), using the BLAST search to determine the conserved genes. The cut-off was set at ≥30% sequence identity and ≥70% sequence coverage at the amino acid level for the BLAST search. The average of the amino acid identity of all conserved genes between a pair of genomes was computed to measure the genetic relatedness between them.

All genomes sequences were submitted to IslandViewer ( Langille and Brinkman 2009 ) for genomic island (GI) prediction. IslandViewer implements a sequence composition based approaches derived from other validated GI prediction software packages, which were SIGI-HMM ( Waack et al. 2006 ) and IslandPath-DIMOB ( Hsiao et al. 2003 ). Both the composition based approach were shown to have a higher than 86% overall accuracy compared with other prediction software. IslandViewer also integrated IslandPick, which was developed based on comparative genomics approach ( Langille et al. 2008 ). To cluster these GIs for comparison across different F. nucleatum strains, the GI nucleotide sequences were clustered using BLASTClust ( Altschul et al. 1990 ) with the thresholds of at least 50% sequence identity and 50% sequence coverage.

Homology searches were performed on the protein sequences of 36 Fusobacterium strains against the Virulence Factors Database (VFDB) ( Chen et al. 2005 , 2012 ), by applying BLASTP of the BLAST software package ( Altschul et al. 1997 ). The BLAST hits were processed using in-house Python script filtering and accepting only orthologs at the threshold of at least 50% sequence identity and 50% sequence completeness between the query and subject sequences. Instead of using the tabular comparison for pathogenomic composition provided in VFDB release of 2012, the data collected from VFDB was used to construct a graphical heat map representation using our in-house R Scripts, allowing for the comparison of the virulence gene profiles across all Fusobacterium strains.

Functional ortholog clustering was performed using PGAP (Pan-genome Analysis Pipeline) ( Zhao et al. 2012 ). The protein sequences of 21 F. nucleatum strains were used as the input file. The orthologs among these 21 strains were searched using the Gene Family (GF) method included in the PGAP pipeline. Protein sequences of each strain were clustered together and denoted with strain identifiers. BLASTALL program ( Altschul et al. 1990 ) was performed among the protein sequences with the minimum score value of 50 and E-value at 1 e-8 . The filtered BLAST results were clustered by MCL algorithm ( Enright et al. 2002 ). In order to group the same genes into the same cluster, the global match region must have at least 70% of the longer gene protein sequence (coverage) and 40% sequence identity.

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